Coffee, Gins, Flamingos and Lamas.

Coffee & Gin anyone (together of course, as that’s how my weird sisters run!) We abandoned the husband’s, kids and adulting today for a girlie day christmas shopping at York. We were up early, slapping on the makeup and checking the bank balances and on route by 8.40am. Sadly we lost a player before 10am due to illness (but that gives us an excuse, for another trip) it also meant our quad became a trio…

Not too bad you’re thinking. Yeah think again. This means I was outnumbered 2:1, my sisters and me. Now my sister’s are identical twins (and in more that just looks) they are like a tornado of horror and full of mischief, then put this with the mentality of a 2 year old and complete airheads to boot.

It started on the train, as soon as my responsible sidekick left. The gins and coffees were bought (who puts gins and coffees together?) Well not only did they get bought together they got drank together, ewh. Photographic evidence provided. This of course made the train journey interesting, well that and the fact we were jammed into the train like sardines (pretty sure health & safety was been breached there!)

When we did arrive in York it was mobbed. With Christmas markets and shoppers galore, it was chaos. People everywhere, rushing and bustling, the youngest twin grumping and scowling as she was hangry (and hungover from the night before) she did managed to cope with getting into three or four shops first mind, you know the usual ones ; new look, next, river island etc (the latter one I don’t think I could get a leg in their clothes, never mind my fat ass) but I window shopped.

Now anyone who know me well knows I absolutely hate shopping. I’m one of those people who has an itinerary of shops and items I wish to purchase. I do not do browse. I do not ‘wing it’. However if I do see thing I like, I buy it. I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT say things like “I love it but we’ll look at other shops first and come back”. Kill me now!

You see the other thing with my little sister’s is they cannot for the life of them make decisions on the spur of the moment. They must visit one hundred thousand shops, over two hours, then go back to the original shop and purchase the thing they first picked up. Then once this process is complete, cocktails must be purchased (Which isn’t a bad thing.)

When we did eventually get away from the clothes shop. I made a beeline for the christmas markets, not stopping or looking back to see if the minions were following me (just incase they got side tracked.) The Christmas market was wonderful, lots of mooching was had. Even the double trouble were engaging in the stalls (albiet it was the free sample vodka & Gin stalls #youngest twin) but we had a whale of a time.

There was abit of a theme at the shops this year too. Flamingos and Lamas (No idea why) but it amused my sister’s and me to no end. We even found a rapping Santa?

I did manage to buy a few things from my itinerary and even got Mr Three White Dogs and a Pig a little present. I even enjoyed the ‘winging it’ and may try it again in 2018 but let’s not push it. I am happy with my middle/oldest child regimental routine.

So my sister’s didn’t break me too much ( Its okay I survived) and we enjoyed a less busy train home with random statements like “it sounds like it’s purring, I like it.” and “look at my ear, it looks like it’s stuck on.” (You’ve just gotta love em!)

And on returning home?

The three white dogs and a Pig were torn. I left them behind, to perish, from lack of love. They tried really really hard to be in a huff with me. Thier waggy bums gave them away though. They broke and I got kissy cuddles.

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