So today the three white dogs and pig and myself have been dumped. Her indoors has gone on a Xmas shopping jaunt to beautiful York, shes even put makeup on so she must mean business. Normally I would relish the very rare chance of peace n quiet so that I could sit in my boxers with a box of Xmas pies watching xmas films and drinking copious amounts of tea, instead of the usual weekend of abuse by being forced to ‘do jobs’ or cook or clean or god forbid… socialise 😣… But… even in the midst of abandonment and the torment of having a cold I have responsibilities, kids, more kids, shopping and of course the furry ones. Poor Maggie lay snuggling her mums side of the bed for a while until scrambled eggs and honey ham breakfast won her over. After a nice run about the field and returning back to a warm bungalow Maggie decided that a hugg from her dad might not be such a bad thing afterall. While Willie and Rosie just happily collapsed on the settee sighing and farting. Now that the shopping is done and the many humaniod creatures from planet Xbox have been fed I’m going to amuse myself with a Lemsip and an old film until teatime for the ungrateful ones beckons, that’ll be the kids mind…

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