Doggy Hampers.

Our order from Doggy Delish arrived this week . Two Christmas doggy hampers (aren’t they gorgeous) Deliah at Doggy Delish makes all the goodies herself and has a fab variety of gifts, treats, hampers and goodies for the pooch in your life.

These two fantastic hampers though are taken. One will be on his way to the PDSA on Monday to help raise funds for their charity. Did you know they are celebrating their centenary year!
(They picked the Mr Reindeer bucket) and we got this lovely message from them thanking us for the Halloween hamper, surgical coats and other bits and bobs. Although there will be no fending the staff off this time as Doggy Delish has wrapped that hamper up nice and tight 😜

“Just wanted to say a big thank you firstly for the Halloween bucket of goodies which we had to fend staff off from pinching for their own dogs!! & the fab bag of jackets, protective vests etc which are amazing!!! They will help us raise valuable funds for PDSA & we are celebrating our centenary year this year, the charity was founded 100 years ago so all the more reason to celebrate & fundraise!

Thank you so much, it’s very kind of you to donate to us!


And hamper number two? I think we’ve narrowed it down to two local rescues (If the hubby doesn’t change his mind again.) SHAK Fun Fundraising Group (Alnwick) – as the husband has always had a soft spot for big dogs. Alexa’s Animals north east charity. Registered charity no 1170022. Also local and it’s a hard choice (maybe we should just buy a 3rd hamper.)

Because the little things help too 😍

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