Under The Weather.

Yesterday was, dull, wet and cloudy but compared to today it was glorious. Today is gloomy, damp and torrential.

Today is not a nice day for walks, nor is a nice day for Rosie. Rosie is not feeling great today. She had a dreadful night, with her tummy gurgling, twisting and complaining. Her Cushing Disease has raised its head again. The vet did warn us that she would have good and bad days. She also warned us there would be no rhyme or reason to Rosies bad days. This is true today.

Rosies diet hasn’t changed. She’s been taking her medicine like always. She’s just had a lapse. She’s off her food. Obviously very uncomfortable and just wants to snuggle on the couch. Her pitiful face says it all. I feel totally helpless.

To top it off this morning Rosie slid on the wet decking and got quite a fright. The fall knocked the wind out of her (which isn’t a great thing with westie lung and an enlarged heart.) Again I felt helpless, as I sat on the floor with her snuggling and cooing at her that everything is fine and that’s she’s okay. It took her a good twenty minutes to catch her breath (which felt like a lifetime to me, as I prayed she wouldn’t pass out.) Needless to say we have gritted the sh*t out of the decking. No more sliding going on there!

Then walks today, we waiting until the clouds parted and the rain stopped. As I got Willie and Maggie into their anoraks and attached the leads, Rosie looked on from the couch. This is very unusual as Rosie loves walks more than anything, but I wasn’t going to force her. If she wanted to stay home, the couch is the best place to be. However, as I made for the door Rosie slowly slunk towards me and nudged the back of my leg. She wanted to come.

We didn’t have the usual chaotic dance of getting her ready, driving everybody nuts. She just sat quietly and let us put her coat and harness on.

I took the Three White Dogs on one of our usual routes (an easy, level walk, not too strenuous) this walk usually takes us about thirty minutes. Today it took us double that.

Rosie, sauntered slowly by my heel on the walk and we matched her pace. She wandered and sniffed and slowly but surely began to venture further from my ankle. The fresh air had done it’s job. It blew the cobwebs off and perked her up a little. Rosie came home with a wag in her tail.

And when we got home, she had a bite to eat.

Now she’s still not 100% right, her tummy is still playing up. She’s had all her tablets, including a buscopan ( who knew?) and I’m watching her like an over bearing mother hen.

Get Well soon little girl (momma is watching.)

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