A Good Day.

It’s been a good day today. Rosie has perked up and is feeling much better. I was a worry wart about her yesterday but as one of you lovelies pointed out “as long as there are more good days than bad days, you’re okay.” And that hit home. Thank you.

We ARE having more good days with the odd wobbly ones. So Rosie is much better, eating, snoring, walking her little legs off. Her tail is wagging and she’s back to bounding through the house to welcome us home and steal as many cuddles and kisses as she can (which is loads as we have them on tap here.)

So what eles is going on this week. Well you already know it’s been raining quite alot and nobody wants to get wet sitting in the rain.

Well nobody but Pig that is…

Earlier this week as I got to work, shook the rain off my coat and began to feel dry, I was approached by a work collegue. She had just come into work by the carpark, hurrying through the diagonal downpour as quickly as she could, where she bumped into? You guessed it. Pig cat!

Pig cat was happily rolling around in the middle of the staff driveway. In the rain. In the muddy puddles. Not giving way to traffic. Now pig is not allowed out of the house during work hours, for multable reasons. Climbing through the windows, scaring the staff. Sneaking in the front door, curling up on the staff room chairs to sleep. Climbing into open windows of the staff members cars, making himself at home in the bosses office. You get the picture…

He could not stay on the drive. Not only for the sanity of the staff but for his own safety. So on went my coat again and off I went to get the furry trouble maker. Now I don’t know if I’m pleased to say or annoyed that Pig looked so delighted at my sudden appearance as I scooped him up and took him home (we live onsite.) He certainly had a smug look on his face as I handed him over to my husband for cuddles. Tw*t.

He’s not laughing now though. Number one son is down from Scotland for a month. Pig has to share his room and double bed with him. Ha! Pig isn’t that bothered though, he loves James really. Actually the dogs love him too. They practically climb over each other to get to my eldest son as he comes into the door (Willie always wins though as he’s a man tart.)

Yes Willie loves the men. He will stand on his back legs, front paws held out, demanding carry cuddles. Willie gives the best cuddles. He snuggles his head into your neck, with his front paws either side and relaxes in. Willie is the biggest cuddle monster ever.

And Maggie, Maggie is a mother hen, grooming, herding and cleaning the family. She especially loves babies and children. Another weird thing. You cannot watch an animal programme with Maggie about, she gruffs and puffs (and checks behind the tv, just to make sure.) There is one exception to this though…

She loves a good cat programme. She sits and watches, intently, totally engrossed. (I think Maggie maybe a little confused as to whether she is a feline or canine lol.)

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