Feeling Down.

We have a full house tonight …

It is number three sons birthday. He is 16. I would like to say we have a full house because it’s his birthday. I would like to say that we took him to the pictures or had a meal out. We didn’t, we are babysitting (the photo is from a little while ago.)

So we have a full house of other people children (again.) You see this is the thing in today’s climate, as bills go up, wages do not. Therefore, more and more families need two parents to go to work. Not all proffessions cater around school hours. Neither is childcare affordable. Thus more and more families rely on family members. Now my mum was very active in helping my sister’s with childcare, while they worked but she is no longer with us.

So it’s down to myself and my sisters to work together. I’m going to try and not laugh when I say together, as it hasn’t been as straight forward as that. You see my children don’t need sitters anymore. They are 20, 18, 16 and 14. Plus we work onsite in a school, so win/win on working around the kids. However, not everyone is as lucky as that though, our daughter and one of my sister’s work in retail. That mean weekends. Early starts, late finishes. Five weeks off a year if they are lucky. My other sister works in a school but out with school times (7am – 5.30pm) so school holidays yes. School hours no.

So number three sons birthday was accosted by the little people in family but that’s not so bad is it. It means he got the family around to help him blow out the candles on the birthday cake.

The three white dogs and Pig. The house is warm, the food bowls are full. The walks are plentiful and they are loved.

Happy Birthday 16th Ben, have a good un 😍

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