People Pamper Day.

It the last working day of this week (well for me that is) I’m sure some of you lovelies are working tomorrow, especially if you work in retail (sorry.)

The dogs have been out today with their dad. While I got my nails done Aura Beauty and Holistic Centre as it’s nearly Christmas, did you know? Plus the hubby is ill, so I’m staying out of his (extra) grumpy way. Well that and I don’t want his germs! Just look at my nails though aren’t they lovely (ignore Willie the back ground doing doggie yoga) he just has to be in the thick of it.

So while I was getting pampered by the lovely ladies Aura Beauty and Holistic Centre. The husband was trudging around the fields because he obviously thought this was a great idea and is oblivious to the constant rain we have had this week. Need I say more. Mud, mud and more mud.

The strangest thing? The husband seemed quite shocked and surprised that the field was so water logged and was quite disgruntled that his shoes (not wellies) were “ruined.” My sarcastic reply “Really! You don’t know how it could of happened!?!” He went back to work shortly after.

I am now on the mission of making sure that house does not smell of ‘damp dog’. I don’t think it does, well nobody has ever said it does? (and the amount is scentsy wax we use and buy it definately shouldn’t!)

Actually, It would probably be easier to make a snowman in summer than to try and keep the white dogs white in autumn and winter and not to suffer from the wet dog aroma too (but the dogs are worth it.)

What can we do but embrace the hardship of autumn and winter. Walk in the rain and snow. Endour the hooded dog coats. Give into the ‘odour de wet dog’ and own the pet hair work clothes look. As lets face it people have strange odours, weird fashion, hibernation behaviors and malt hair.

The difference? I actually like dogs* plural (as in all dogs, not just mine, can’t really say that about all people.) Even the slobbery dogs, we love them all 😜

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