Bus W**kers.

We were a little quiet last night, did you notice?

It was because we had had a very busy day and were pooped…

It started with a long early morning walk with the dogs and as you know I like to randomly snap loads of photos of the ‘dugs’. Sometimes I can take up to forty photos to get three or four good ones in the shots…

Well check out my first photos. I couldn’t of got these photographs if I had planned, timed and waited for hours. I was actually walking quite a good pace when I took these burst of pictures. Look at the sunrays, look at the dogs. In each photograph the sun is shining upon a dog, each single dog, each photo. The sun does indeed shine upon these beautiful four legged treasures.

Did the dogs luck then run out, of course it didn’t. It actually ran right across the path infront of Willie (in the form of a stoat.) It Began with the surprised Willie sticking his head in the bushes to try and smell the wee thing out. Moving onto him and Maggies heads in the bush together, to all three of them investigating the hissing, snarling noise. Mind you none on the Three White Dogs were quite brave enough to go in further than their noses, even if their wiggly bums wanted to. The stoat was a VERY vocal, snappy chap.

Then of course there was the hedgehog dilemma on the way home (which wasn’t actually a hedgehog) that I treated you to that story earlier. Making saturdays walk quite an exciting ramble, thus the dogs were more than happy to couch potato when we got home.

So with Mr Three White Dogs and a Pig not feeling too grand and the dogs snoring their heads off I decided to go on my own adventure.
Myself And my good friend Kirstie Gibson decided to be bus w**kers and pop into newcastle for some late afternoon Christmas shopping. Now I don’t usually do shopping. The footy was on and it is black Friday weekend too. So I was really brave and let’s just say it was a little busy.

We braved primark (for 1.5 hours, oopps)you know it’s winter when the Primark fleece lined leggings come in. We then cheese sconed and tea’d in Fenwicks, queued for pandora, rummaged around boots and the hubby met us for the last hour. Of course the first three statements that adorned from Mr Three White Dogs and a Pig (in order) “I’m thirsty, I need a drink. I want to go in the LUSH UK shop and “Where the Christmas Market?” – Guess he’s feeling alittle better!

So we shopped (the husband mainly) in lush for bath bombs.Then descended on the Christmas market and drooled over all the food. The husband tasted ALL the freebies, while myself and kirstie looked on in horror and all the potential syn values (we go to ‘fat’ club together.) I must say I was impressed with my friend for sampling the free cheese cubes and managing to keep within her healthy a choice (I’m not a fan of cheese, it’s chocolate all the way for me) but there was no such boundary for Mr.

Infact Mr 3WD&P managed to find a melted cheese wheel stall and jumped in with two feet, nachos, jalapenos and melted cheese, as we let our souls die slowley watching him. When we did eventually drag him away from the food and high tail it back towards the bus station, we stopped to peruse around marks and Spencer gift section. Only to get kicked out ten minutes later, as it closed. Town was closing. Time to go home.

On arriving home, half frozen and extremely poor. The dogs lapped up all cuddles, kisses and attention. Sticking thier heads in the bags, pulling out anything that they quite liked the look or smell of. While we stuck the kettle on and dug out our very classy new fleecy Primark jarmies and when we were all settled?

We stuck ‘Its a wonderful life’ on the box and chilled. Have we mentioned we were kids free this weekend (well Friday night til Sunday midday anyway) and we’re loving it!

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