Killer Hedgehogs.

“Look, a Hedgehog on the path. Quick guys” pants Rosie.

As the Three White Dogs raced up as quick as their little legs would carry them. Rosie, growling and gruffing, up front. Maggie wondering what was going on in the middle and Willie whining and crying but not able to keep up with girls’ slightly longer legs (photo 1.)

Willie did soon catch up, as Maggie slowed down, realising is was a Hedgehog. As Maggie does not like hedgehogs (she has been prickled before.) Meanwhile, Rosie and Willie have passed the ball of spikes, deeming it ‘uninteresting and boring’.

Maggie though is not going to pass the evil hedgehog without mum her side, for fear of it peeling her skin and eating her brains as she passes. She hides between mums legs all the way up to it, tail twitching (Photo 2.)

Photo three. NOT A HEDGEHOG. We had actually passed this offensive lump on the way down the lane. So I knew it was NOT a hedgehog but it was so funny watching the Three White Dog re-inact out their hunting strategy (which was terrible by the way. The scaredy cats) so much so that I just could not help but follow along.

I love my white fur monsters but lol come on, it’s a lump grass! (Yes kind of hedgehog shape but still grass.)

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