Sunday Strolls, Mugs Of Tea And The Wrong Shopping.

We had a relaxing stroll through the woods today before the return of the teenagers and normal life resumed. The autumn tones and beautiful scenery were well worth the frosty kiss in the air. We didn’t go far, choosing to leave the car parked up in the drive, as we went exploring the local woodlands.

Rosie and Maggie were all wrapped in in their winter jumpers to keep the frost at bay. Whereas Willie went in his birthday suit as God intended. Not because we are mean or love Willie less but because Willie has the proper two layered thick Westie coat. Fine and downy underneath, thick and course over top. Sadly, Maggie still has her puppy coat and Rosie being an old dear has a thinner coat and both girls benefit from the extra warmth a jumper provides.

So all wrapped up from ears to tails, except Mr 3WD&P as he didn’t think it was that cold (he regretted that later.) On our wanders the dogs found lots of mole hills, smelly wildlife poop and dark cubby holes to explore. As lets face it westies love exploring new places.

It wasn’t just the dogs who found something to oooo and arrrrr at though, the Mr. saw a car he quite liked the look of. A convertible, sports car, with two seats. The dogs did not see anything exciting or interesting about stopping to drool over cars. They were quite dumbfounded as to why we had stopped at all (as was I, we haven’t had our current car long) but we gave him his moment.

When we did eventually get on our way the sun was beginning to come out and turn the frosty paths into a diamond glow of glitter dust in front of us. Which Maggie tried to lick of course. As Maggie was not going to do her usual of drinking out of the puddles. The puddles were NOT right. They were cold, the water frozen and when she stepped on them they crackled and popped under her paws. They must be KILLER puddles and thus she avoided them at all costs.

By the time we arrived at the Lady of the North’s cafe we were all ready for some warmth. As the dogs settled themselves under the table (as near to the heating as possible) we indulged in a good olde mug of tea. The jaunt back was pleasant, as the edge of frost left as the sun rose. The dogs played in the long grass, hopping like boisterous hares over each other (I’m pretty sure they were smiling as they leapt.)

We got home in time for another cuppa before our shopping delivery arrived and all snuggled up on the couch together. The dogs obviously sensing our calm before the storm mood and getting every cuddle they could get.

Our shopping delivery. Well I think you guessed, we got the wrong shopping. Although I think the kids and the husband were quite impressed at the Three litres of coke, five pizza and multiple packets of chocolate mousses. Rather than the usual fruit, vegetables, healthy yogurts, meats and such. We do have the right shopping now and I have concluded it must have been either a young single person’s shopping or Buddy the elfs shopping, you choose!

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