For Lennox.

I have wrote today’s post over and over and I have deleted it again and again. Generally we have had a good day. The Three White Dogs and Pig Cat are fine. We’ve cuddled and walked and done our usual stuff but we’ve cuddled and loved a little more than usual.

As today we heard some sad news that a rescue dog could not be rescued and his life sadly been shorter than it should have been.
I never met the dog in question, indeed I only saw one or two photographs and posts about him and do not know all the details but I am sorry he could not be helped.

I know all dogs cannot be saved but can we not hope too? For all the animals we could not save. Could not stop the cruelty for I grieve.

For Lennox.

Why is life so cruel?
Why does love not always rule?
Why was your path, rocky and hard?
When did your heart learn to scar.

Were you not born to be pure of soul?
Were you not to be loved,
In family and home,
Deep into hearts, that were your own.

You grew and learnt quick,
The lessons of cruel,
To live to yourself and not to be fool,
To the whispering darkness to trust,
The promise of safety and unconditional love.

We grieve we could not save you,
Despair in our souls, To the failings,
Of those who should of took care,
As the cruel world around you,
broke your spirit bare.

You were born pure of soul,
You were born to feel love,
To be part of family,
Deep in the home,
Embedded in heart,
Of those you were one.

November 2017.

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