Mr. 3WD&P.

Today was all about Mr 3WD&P. Sadly he oft gets over looked in our adventures, although, I do prefer him to be infront of the camera than myself. When we got little Maggie, it was very much for me. Actually I was abit irresponsible and took it upon myself. Poor unsuspecting Mr 3D&P came home one day to find a little bundle of white whispy fur sat on my knee.

As I’ve mentioned before Maggie was my saviour. She helped my swim, when I wanted to drown. She, I believe was sent from heaven to me from my mum and she has never left my side. She is my constant shadow. My rock.

My husband though, was still very much adamant he did not want another dog. Following the death of his beloved Diesel. Thus it suited him for Maggie to be so attached to me, with such a strong bond. I however, knew he secretly needed that bond. Indeed as soon as Willie came through the door as a foster dog. I knew He would be the one. To be honest even the person who dropped Willie off that morning knew and probably everyone on the internet that read Willies posts. Mr 3WD&P was the only one in denial. Now I will give him his due, he lasted out quite a while before he gave in and admitted he had fallen hard for Willie.

And neither of them have looked back from that moment. If I’m honest, it was meant to be, they needed each other. But that is not the only thing he needed. Opening up and accepting he loved Willie and needed him, opened up a whole new side to his relationship with Maggie. Whereas, before they were friends and made do with each other when I was not about, they now choose to love each other. Often Maggie will seek him out and vise versa. Thier relationship has flourished.

Then, when Rosie came the semantics changed again. We dont have his & her dogs. We have our dogs. There is enough hands and love for all of us. Sure at bedtime, they circle and sleep around me but they adore DAD and he adores them.

So if you are thinking of getting a second (or third) dog. Do it. If you are looking to rescue. Go for it. If you are thinking about an older or elderly dog. Definately do it. We have no regrets. They have not taken anything away from our family life, time or love we can offer. They have given it to us.

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