Water, Water, Everywhere…

Water, water, everywhere.

We’ve been out for our usual stroll today with the Three White Dogs, although stroll is maybe not the right description of it. Actually, I think swim, plodge or wading through the fields maybe more apt.

Not that this sudden appearance of wet stuff hindered the dogs enthusiasm. The opposite to be precise. It made their usual romp more exciting. It was like they were exploring a whole new walk. A water walk. Well that’s if you could call it water, with its murky depths, squelchy edges and chocolate tint mirror face. The water was as dark as black coffee.

Bearing in mind we haven’t been out as much as normal these past few days due to the water crisis (the rain.) The Three White Dogs and Pig preferring the warm dry house and never ending convoy of food coming their way. It wasn’t not for the want of trying to entice the dogs out, rain coats and all but more the refusal of them putting a paw over the threshold into the wet.

Now wouldn’t you’d think this would also be the case on coming up paws to puddles. Deep puddles, flooded fields, drown paths. No, of course that logic would not apply. Even Maggie, who I’m pretty sure is allergic to H20, went bounding straight into first muggy bog she saw. Rosie and Willie at this point needed no encouragement, leaving me at the path, looking on in horror. I DID NOT have my Wellies on…

The dogs waiting patiently, watching me, as I processed my options (Well as patient as they can be) and when I decided to be more dog and just get my feet wet they accepted the challenge. Bring it on!

We didn’t go on our full walk. The paths were too bad but we didn’t need too. The fields were like mini lakes with islands of grass popping up like stepping stones. First one dog would disappear, then the next and the next. They had a whale of a time. Belly wet, running like bobcats and just enjoying life and when the rain began drizzling down again we came home. To start a new game.

Dry the dogs before they get on the furniture…

Moral of the story; sometimes you just have to jump in, get on and get your feet wet 😜

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