Snowfalls & Photobombs.

We’ve had a little bit of snow today and the dogs have loved it. It’s wet and cold (like rain, which they don’t like) but apparently snow is cool.

Actually it’s so cool it made the dogs walk rather nuts, as they slid about on the field like a team of rugby players. The Baltic weather apparently not bothering them at all (I couldn’t feel my fingers and I had gloves on!)

I did my usual, pulled out the camera and started snapping away. I even took a short video, which I’ll put on later. I have decided that Willie is indeed ‘broken’ in some way though, as his whole walk consisted of him rolling in the cold, wet stuff, like a lunatic. He must of been freezing. (Actually when I brought him home, he actually had westicles hanging off his under carriage. The Idiot.)

And when Willie wasn’t rolling in the snow? He was rolling in the snow, photobombing me. Thanks dude. Guy bits and all. The most important thing though is that they had a great time. We left paw prints in the snow for another day (hopefully with deeper snow) and all snuggled up by the fire to dry off.

Willie, I think he’s dreaming of rolling in the snow. I can see his smile from here.

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