Today Has Been One Of Those Days.

Today is one of those days.

It’s cold, wet and miserable. The children are tired. The animals are tired. We are all tired. The dark evenings, damp chill in the air and fast approaching Christmas holiday is coming up at a scary speed.

As everyone is feeling tired, there’s usually an undertone of grumpy that goes along with it. Today is no different, every photo taken today has a look of contempt on it as Pig scowls at the cameras presence. Rosie turns her back and Maggie unhelpfully rolls over to continue her snooze, bored with Mummies coaxing to ‘pose’ for the camera. Even Willie only just manages to lift his head, while rolling his eyes as the flash goes off. Today is hard work.

The hard work didn’t stop with the animals either. The teenagers slept in and of course had not prepared their school bags the night before. Thus the air this morning was poignant with full on boy hormones (and actual moans.)
Sarcastic comments were thrown out left, right and centre to each other as they battled for the last of the cereal and huffed over the milk, making it an interesting if not stressful morning.

Number three son decided as he was about to go out the door (into the rain, which was absolutely hoying it down) to announce his rain coat was too bright and therefore it physically hurt him wearing it (number three son has aspergers syndrome.) This meant there was a mass panic on to find him a ‘not so bright coat’ that he could wear, that would not ‘inflict pain’ on his senses.

While frantically searching for another coat, he then decided this was a great time to tell me all the colours he felt were ‘offensive’ along with all the food that he had categorized as ‘weird’ feeling and could not eat anymore (Which was practically his whole packed lunch!)

He then proceeded to moan about how he felt sick and thought he should maybe not go to school today. I quickly scoffed “go to school you’re fine” backat him, in which he replied “blurghhhh” all over the hallway.Thus making me late for work as I tucked him into bed and disinfected the floors and walls (while also trying to stop the dogs tongues helping, Ewh, they kiss thier momma with that tongue!)

When we did eventually get (most of) the kids out of the door to school, it was our turn (or should I say my turn) as I realized I’d put my top on back to front and still hadn’t brushed my teeth. By the time I did get to work, I had managed to drop my clementines three times on the drive and lock my scarf in the door Ffs.

I’m thinking we can just scrap today and start again tomorrow.

On a good note the Christmas hamper from Doggy Delish came today for Alexa’s Animals north east charity .registered charity no. 1170022 .Ready to be delivered this weekend.
Also the Northumberland Green Dog Walkers  pack arrived. I’ve signed up. Live in Northumberland? Have a peek.

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