It’s December.

Its the 1st of December.

The dark cold nights are well and truly here. The animals are perfecting their hibernation modes as they snuggle and sleep the winter away.

The furniture is covered in festive blankets to keep the outside from perminating onto the beloved soft furnishings. The heating is on standby ready to kick in should the temperature drop. It is most definitely winter.

It’s not Christmas though, not yet. Not in our house. The festive season feels a little different this year. With the children, no longer children but teenagers. The feeling of magic that surrounds christmas has been taken with their youth. There’s no excited babble of putting the tree up. No rushing to see the festive lights or the visit to see Santa in his grotto. Even present giving has become depressing (as lets face it there’s no fun in gifting socks!)

We do have smaller children in the family but they don’t live with us. Our happy greetings as we come through the door now come from our four legged companions. Maybe we should put a tree up and decorate it with dog treats, bones and catnip. Go to visit Santa paws. Hop on the metro and take the pooches to see the festive lights. Fill their stockings with toys and listen to their squeals of delight?

It’s not Christmas yet in our house. The husband’s Christmas tunes have been playing for weeks. We have visited the festive markets and shopped in the Christmas stores. It’s not Christmas yet in our house but soon it will be breaking down the doors.

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