Date Night.

It’s Date Night.

Its date night. Now Willie is a classy lad and treated his gals to an all expenses paid meal out, full of romance and feeling.

Well it wasn’t that classy… Firstly the trio are more like husband, wife and the mad mother in law that never goes away. Willie is the perfect epitome of an ‘under the thumb’ husband. Hen pecked in to submission and just trying to stay under the radar and not attract the interest of his counterparts. Sadly this does not often work for him…

In the house the girls are fed first, a bowl space between them ( to stop the girls bickering.) Willie then after a five minute hold back he gets shoved into the middle, to eat his food. This is not because we are punishing him or anything, it’s more because he ‘inhales’ his food and needs a delayed start. Now he did used to inhale his food and try to muscle in on the girls food. He no longer does this. He has learnt the hard way, with a nip or two to his nose. He now reverses backwards away from the bowls and patiently sits at a safe distance until the ladies have finished eating. Thus then scavenges for missed bits.

Learning ‘his place’ and just accepting his fate has not stopped there though. Dog walks have had to be adapted too. When only one of us are walking the dogs, we have to use a splitter. We have tried the splitter many ways; Rosie and Maggie, Willie and Rosie but both those ways puts Rosie in a position where she is either pulled along by puppy Maggie to play with everything or dragged along with Willie so he can wee everywhere. This isn’t great for Rosie with WLD, as she needs to regulate her pace and breathing. Hence the splitter party is Maggie:Willie.

Unfortunately for Willie this means he is dragged away mid-wee to play with anything that moves such as leaves or anything Maggie decides is interesting. Again, bless poor Willie just takes it on the chin and if you met us on our walks (leaders attatched) you can just see that look in his eyes (you know the one your husband gets when shopping and their souls are dying.)

Does it stop there? No, toys are taking out of his mouth, he’s booted out of bed, sat on and teased. He is totally and utterly owned.

So tonight was date night, Willie treated the girls to a classy McDonald’s cheeseburger and flurry (both plain, no chocolate, onions or gerkins) Now this was shared between the three of them BUT Willie got a cheeseburger all to himself because he is such a gentleman with the girls, he does just take it on the chin and let’s face it it’s not that often they get McDonald’s and everyone deserves a treat now and then, don’t they!

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