Beach Sunday’s.

Today we met a good friend at the beach with our pooches. We haven’t met with her for a few weeks as her furry trio have been poorly.

Now you would think the beach on a winter’s day would be cold and blustery but believe it or not it was warmer at the beach than I was at our neck of the woods. There was tell tale signs that the weather had been wild at the beach at some point though.

The sand had been pulled back into the sea-leaving the concrete blocks in full view- from days past. Indeed I have never seen them in the thirty plus years I have been visiting the beach.

The sand and depleted dunes made for a steep decline to get down to the actual seafront and the dogs took this challenge in their stride. Throwing themselves down the dune edge and rolling with the fall. For us humans though getting down with some kind of dignity was, let’s say difficult but it was worth the humility of falling on our backsides for the beautiful views.

I can definately say that the morning blew away the cobwebs and helped refresh our souls. Dogs are lucky to have the ability to live in the moment, love life by the minute and they did live In the moment at the beach. They ran with the pack, sniffed the butts, stole the tennis balls and ate the treats. Yes Willie got a little over excited chasing off a Jack Russell (who he just took an instant dislike to?) And Willie had to be put back on the lead for a bit, to remind him who was boss (which he took like a big girls blouse, sulking.)

And he sulked most of the way home, well until the bacon came out. Then we were all good to go. Bellies full, bum wagging, snoring commenced. I would like to say I got on with some work on the computer but I didn’t… the computer said No! And did a three hour long update instead grrrr…

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