Rosie and the Vet.

Darling Rosie has been to the vet today – to see the staff and get her bloods taken – Rosie was not impressed.

She does quite likes a jaunt around pets at home, mooching through the aisles, looking for treats and biscuits that have escaped from their packaging. She even likes all the attention and cuddles she gets from passing shoppers, pet owners and staff. She like pets at home to the point when she spots the vets reception desk. Then she does not like pets at home, not one bit.

Her tail curls round her bottom, her head goes down and the dejected look of abandonment gets thrown at us in disgust. She knows. She does bum waggle at the lovely vetinary staff and burst a smile, as she is a sociable little thing. She loves, love and attention and cuddles but she knows.

She knows we are going to leave her, she knows the nurse is going to shave her front leg. She knows the needle is going to hurt her. She knows she doesn’t like it.

She doesn’t know or understand why. She doesn’t know she’s poorly. She doesn’t know they are taking blood to make sure her medication is working. She doesn’t know we are helping her.

She trust us though, trusts the staff and the vets to love her and look after her. She trusts us to come back and collect her. She trusts us to love her and take her home. Going home is her favourite thing. She knows the words ‘Daddies here’, she recognises the lead, she knows which door leads out to the waiting room, she knows the seat that is ours.

Her tail curls out from under her. Her head raises high, the smile she smiles is wonderful. Her bum wiggled and waggles, never giving out. Kisses and cuddles are given but not without a glance, the way out is that direction and she’s not missing that chance.

We don’t hunt for escaped treats or to steal a passers mooch. She high tails it straight to the door. To the retreat. The car in the parking lot – that will take her home. A deep sigh escapes her as she sees her home upfront. Two little white faces at the window. Watching. Waiting. Rosie is home.

Now it’s Mum and Dads time to worry, waiting for time to bring results in but in the meantime…

Love and cuddles and photos of Madame.

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