Wandering Thoughts.

Brrr…its cold today, you know its winter when you pull out your primark, thermal lined leggings, don’t you.

The Beautiful autumn oranges, reds and yellows have turned beige, brown and brown. The back lane and the field where we often walk, has tinges of frost on the edges and sadly will soon become houses and more houses as it gets revamped in the coming years. All the green spaces will soon be gone.

There’s no denying winter is coming (or even that it is here now.) Our local pride and joy the ‘Trainer Tree’ (we have all the classy stuff here) is nearly full as the christmas festivities get closer – yes the tree is full of stolen trainers – if you’ve lost some they may be up there – we also have a milk carton tree. No idea why?

I like to think on my walks with the white wonders and I oft think about our bucket list, what we’ve completed, what we haven’t, what we want to add. That kind of stuff, so I got thinking about my bucket list for christmas. Now I’ve narrowed it down to two things.

A) To survive Christmas not only financially but emotionally and with any luck not to end up pickled in a bucket of alcohol, just to survive the teenagers and all the family time you have to endure (christmas, as you know sometimes can turns into your worst nightmare.)

B) I’m still working on B – if I manage to achieve A I will be happy – I’ll work on B then.

Of course, contemplating life while walking the three white trouble makers, isn’t all that easy. As if you take your eyes off them for just a second anarchy happens…

So to conclude the last statement- Im pretty sure Willie thinks he’s Gregor Clegane (the mountain, from game of thrones) as he decided to chase the crows in the field today. There must have been at least a hundred black crows, scavenging the field as Willie decided storming through them all and chasing them up into the air would be a great idea.

Bearing in mind that Willie is actually a ‘big girls blouse’ and is the biggest scaredy cat you’ve ever seen. Certainly as he came hair arsing across the field- in a blind panic with his sisters- in tow, running terrified behind him. He looked more like Tyrion Lannister (The Imp, from game of thrones) as hundreds of crows swooped down to peck him on the head, as he desperately tried to look for a safe hiding place – serves him right!

I also had deja vu today with Maggie. Last night I dreamt that Maggie had fallen into a pond neck deep and had to be fished out…
Well Maggie fell into the Stream today, a very muddy, wet stagnant stream. Neck deep. She didnt need fished out as I had dreamt, the freezing temperture of the water was enough to vault her back to the banks. She got a fright though and we’ve got a lovely smell in the house – a mixture of a council drain on paycuts and my sons work socks – Gross. That will be the dog needing a bath then!

Ever tried to get a cat out of a window, when a cat does not want to go out? don’t get me wrong I don’t live in a three story house or anything. We live in a bungalow, so it’s not like we are trying to push him off the third floor but trying to get the cat out the window was like a tactical mission gone wrong. There were paws in all directions, planted firmly against the sills. His back was straight,unbendable and rigid. He was the prefect escape artist, he was not going out without a fight.

Bearing in mind all I wanted to do was get him outside for a ten minute wander (he’d been in all day) so I could quickly make the bed . I did eventually get him out, only for him to walk around the corner to the front door and demand meow to be let back in. Which my son obliged -as I was getting the clean bedding- to find when I arrived back in the room ready to change the bed, he was back in the exact same place. I give up!

The bed is still not made.

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