Willie and the Monster.

It’s touching me, just ever so slightly but it’s there. I don’t know what to do, if I move it might realise I’m there, I might draw it’s attention towards me. It’s horrifying. I’m frozen with fear. It moves so quickly now. My wife and mother in law have left me, found safe spaces high and far away. They have left me to my fate, within reach of those grabby talons and tooth sparse smile. They sleep soundly, knowing they will never be found.

It’s foot rests, just on mine. I try to be a statue, leaning hard into my keeper side, stare off into space, not daring to awake the beast, to tempt him to turn towards me. To see me sitting here. I look upwards to avoid the eye contact that may come. I project my fears, help me, help to those around me. It’s touching me. Beware.

My silent cries are unheard, my keepers near but far. I search out all the escape routes in my minds eye. Ready always ready to bolt and retire. It moves so quickly now. What if it notices me, or the escape routes disappear, I’ll have to let in touch me, see it’s shark like smile. The hands will maul and pull me, the arms will cuddle me wide. Then the mouth will eat me and I’ll get thrown aside.

Mum will come and save me, dad will fight the beast, should it ever turn around and want to give me grief. For never do they leave us in the devil’s snare because they know he moves now, with grabbing talons bare and they know I’m very easy to scare.

It’s touching me, just ever so slighty but it’s there…

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