Wild Ones.

It’s been a busy day today, as we’ve had all the nephews and our grandson together, which are all boys. Not that this is unusual as we help with childcare through the week, meaning most evenings after school we have a house full-the benefits of working in a school- meaning we finish in time to help out after school. This does mean a very long day for us, often 8.30 to 8.30, a full twelve hours.

The dogs take it in their stride though, trusting in us to keep everyone in good behaviour and keep a calm, well worked ship. The Three White Dogs do love the children- even when they are noisy, smelly and silly. They will go in for cuddles, steal the odd kiss and play gently with the children too. They put their best paws forwards, show off their posh manners and make us proud (the dogs that is, not the kids) and today was no different.

They have had walks, snoozed on the couch and quietly awaited the arrival of the wild ones. When the wild ones leave, they will sigh a deep sigh and sleep some more. Later tonight as peace settles on the house I will get time to catch up with Mr3WD&P over a nice hot cuppa. We’ve got some thinking to do, Rosies results have come in.

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