By Gum.

By gum, isn’t it cold today. The sun may be out and shining but it’s not warming the weather up. Not that this has stopped the three white dogs going for a walk – or put them off frolicking through the fields and splodging around the icy puddles. No – they’ve been in full force today. Even Rosie who is at the best she’s ever been since she came to us, was showing no signs of being poorly today.

Sadly, her results yesterday suggested different. That’s the thing about a condition you can’t see I suppose. When Rosie first came to us, her Cushing was leaving her with a upset, noisy tummy on most days and toxic poops (sorry) with nauscious gases to boot. She couldn’t settle or sleep on a night time. Her appetite was lowley and she was sad little soul. We have seen an amazing turn around in her, as she has just flourished. She only has the ‘off bad tummy day now. Her toilet is normal – no longer toxic or gassy. She sleeps like trooper- often having to be encouraged out of the duvet. She’s fit, healthy and walking twice as much – with no sign of weight loss. She is a picture of health and happiness. So it was abit of a shock when the vet rang to say her liver tests had come back okay but not great. Her liver is under stress.

So it’s back to basics for a month, upping her demamarin to daily again – rather than every other day. The hepatic food is out again – the vetoryl and corvental to continue. There is talk of ultra sound scans and biopsies but right now, this month, we are living and loving each other. We hope back to basics works. If it doesn’t we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. There is no financial support for Rosie – no insurance for prior conditions- just us, Mr Plastic and our family savings – but she’s so worth it!

Other news Mr3WD&P has started a dog behaviour course. Not that he’s planning on doing anything with it- he just fancied doing it. We’ve also managed to do some Christmas shopping. The dogs are all sorted now 😉

Roll on the weekend.

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