Panto Time.

It’s been a different kind of Sunday today. It’s been Panto day. Every year before Christmas we all venture out into the cold to see the Pantomine – and this year was no different. We packed up our pop and treats, wrapped up warm, made sure the dogs were; walked fed, watered, cosy, warm and safe and escaped out.

Going to the Panto is a tradition that we’ve done for quite a few years now, but sadly this will be our last year (for a little while) – as it is not cheap – the children are older and everything just feels abit different this year? 
So we are changing our Christmas tradition. I cannot tell you what it is yet -as the man children don’t know but it’s is cheaper. It is still a family affair, as I think that is important at Christmas and I know the boys including Mr 3WD&P will like it. We did all enjoyed today, though I feel exhausted. I’m not feeling great but I didn’t want to spoil the day. You know whats its like, you slap on a smile and pretend you feel fine. Well it’s exhausting. I could not wait to get home and who wouldn’t.
Look at the reception I got, as the boys showered, packed bags for school and did last minute homework they denied they had – Mr 3WD&P began to warm dinner (because he’s super duper organised and made it yesterday) I snuck into our bedroom to snuggle with the ‘dugs’ – it was awesome – even macho Willie came in for the smooching and love hugs. Actually we were enjoying it so much, we had to be frog marched to the kichen when dinner was served oops…

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