He Made Me Do It.

Well Mr 3WD&P, forced the issue and made me do it. The Christmas songs were on – the boxes pulled out of the cupboards – the duster ready on stand by. The Christmas tree was erected. We chose to decorate it with peacock blues and purples this year, with a hint of gold. All the baubles were fixed higher up on the tree, away from the now crawling, monster baby. 

Decorating the tree was very Interesting this year with three dogs. As soon as the boxes came out they were on alert. They knew something was up. Every box we opened, cellotape seal we broke, they were there waiting. Maggie was the quickest to catch on what was happening – getting more excited by the minute – diving head first into the boxes – pulling everything out. Rosie watched on in horror from the hallway, tail tucked neatly away, while Willie crept around the edges – curious but cautious.
There were a few moments when dogs jumped in tandum or dashed out of the door as they tried to distinguish between what was christmas decorations and what could possibly be torture devices that may threaten their exsistance. It took for the tree to be completely erected,  in place and for me, Mr 3WD&P and my youngest son to be sitting on the floor together, before Rosie and Willie would relax enough to enjoy the experience.  
I know all dogs are curious and nosey, but by gum, westies are the king and queen of them. Maggie had the tinsel all over the floor, Willie kept nicking the baubles, Rosie was rolling in anything or anyone she could get near – it was pandemonium. Even I was having a giggle by the end of the evening, I loved watching them all. Everyone was having a grand old time. We took photographs galore, hung up stockings and stuck our Christmas hats on. 
So the Christmas tree is up – the dogs are happy it’s not going to murder them in their sleep and we got some great photos. I guess it wasn’t that bad!

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