Snow Field.

Westies don’t half love the snow, don’t they?  

Almost as much as they love sleeping, or eating, or cuddling, or exploring. Actually everything westies do – they do full on. I’m sure all dogs are the same but I’m biased. 

It’s one of the things that appeal so much to me, their huge characters. It can be so easy if you don’t know the breed, to pop them in the small, snappy category of dogs. WRONG. They are; strong willed, full of sass and spunk, adventurers, life lovers, caring, cuddly, loyal – the list is endless.

We have been keeping our walks short this week due to illness (us people) and the cold catching Rosies breath. We make sure Rosie is wrapped up warm, harnessed up and walked at her pace. Willie has the traditional westie coat, thick, two layered and warm – so he can get away with no coat on days like today. Maggie always runs around like a loony bin – so she’s usually sweating in her fur – so we play her need for a coat by ear too.

Today was chilly but sunny and though we didn’t go far on our walk (just to the field round the back) we were away a good hour. The field was white – the dogs had a blast. Rolling, jumping, running, chasing. They found joy in the cold, wet, white frost. They didn’t hold back or miss a thing – the grabbed life with four paws and enjoyed it. 

There’s alot to learn from dogs. Don’t you think?

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