Sneaky Teacake.

So while mum is resting in bed I got some peace and a cuppa. I dropped the scamps off at the groomers – ready for their xmas groom. The wife’s orders not mine, I quite like the fluffy look but apparently they need xmas haircuts just like the kids bit weird but I’ve got my orders?

I then hare arsed to the garden centre to get me some grub and a cuppa (might have snuck a teacake In too.) I may have chose this particular garden centre soley because they have real live Reindeer n stuff. As I’m not afraid to admit I’m xmas mad and the missus does try and rein me in now and then – like confiscating my xmas cds in October! So I took this opportunity to browse the xmas displays, eat the mince pies and work on the grammar in my posts (last instruction is hers.) 
I found myself quite lost though,with no-one to inform that the reindeer with antlers were actually female ones and having to smell all the Yankee candles myself and make a decision as to which one to buy. I did see some great westie/ Scottie wicker planters and nearly bought the wife one, well until I remembered she’s famous at murdering any kind of plant by either over watering or not watering it at all. So I saved my bucks.
Then suddenly it was time to pick up the scamps and they do look adorable but I noticed the missus didn’t give me her bank card though and at £32 quid a pop I didn’t save any bucks – she’s sneaky that wifey of mine!

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