Friends Know Best

I dragged my self out of bed this morning – okay it was technically the afternoon but I had agreed to go out. One of my friends had convinced me late last night that a day up and about would make me feel better- so I tried in vain to fake excitement at this prospect but failed miserably. Sadly in making some kind of effort I had actually just regressed into a knuckle dragging, over grown teenbaby with whiney syndrome – very becoming may I add – Not!

By the time my party bus had arrived I was positively dripping dread and hatred for the shopping experience ahead of me. As i stood waiting my brain tried to process as many natural disasters scenarios that could possibly work as a both a perfect excuse to cancel but still keep me in the ‘good friend’ zone.  While also accepting that I truly was a bad friend for thinking such thoughts.
I’m pleased to say I sucked it up and went anyway- my friend being absolutely right – I did enjoy it and feel better. She treated me to an amazing lunch, where we bombarded Mr. 3WD&P with photos of all the food he loved- but was not getting and drank the best cup of coffee ever. We chatted and giggled about nothing and everything and just appreciated life – it was just what I needed.
We did do some shopping, just bits and bobs but it was more about mooching, looking and just having a giggle. We even drew our names (and some body parts) into the velour cushions on the couches in tkmax- yes we were childish but sometimes life throws you that hand and you have to go with it! We just had a nice old time, we didn’t break the bank or eat all the pies. We didn’t stress or turn into monster xmas shoppers or even fight over parking spaces. We smiled at people, chatted and perused the shelves. 
We decided when we had had enough and we left, we were grown ups. When we did leave, we decided to stop in at Newcastle dog and cat shelter – they are looking for cat cuddlers and dog walkers. They were very busy though, so we busied ourselves to having a wander around. There was easily two or three dogs I could of popped in my pocket and taken straight home sadly – one jack russel in particularly caught my friends attention. The saddest thing though – the cats – 90% of them were black or black and white – we only counted two that were not black. Personally I think black cats are beautiful but apparently they are not a popular colour – so sad.
This made me wonder, do our little rescue dogs know they are rescued, do they know they are the lucky ones? I think they do. I think they understand that feeling of home, family and love but wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if all animals felt that complete – that loved. I know when I got home the first thing I did was cuddle and kiss my little pals and tell them that I loved them.

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