Dont Nick The Seat.

I learnt something new today…

Apparently we all (including the much loved pets) have our ‘own’ spots, seats, places where we like to relax, sit or sleep. That’s fine you are thinking- no problem with that. Well you would think there would be no problems, I mean there’s plenty of places to sit and park your bum and we are all civilized and what not – we can work it all out. 
Well westies have their own ways of sorting these problems out;
Firstly they stare intently at the designated spot where they should be – with the sole purpose of making the person or pet sitting there uncomfortable.
Then If this does not work they move onto ‘silently’ shouting at you (while still staring intently into your seat stealing dark soul.)
This escalates quickly into a snapping of their teeth gesture- together loudly just incase you are really thick and misinterpret their disapproval and injustice that you are indeed a thief.
Now if you are really thick or just happen to be another westie in the wrong seat, it can go one of two ways. They will either turn their back on you and ignore you – to punish you or start the advance attack (to feel out, how defensive the perpetrator will be over the said stolen space.)
Now if the reaction is vague interest the obvious choice (to a westie) is to just sit on top of the person/pet that is sitting on their spot – thus they are sitting in their space and as they are on top of the offending space criminal they then too become the property of the top dog and must silently accept the defeat or move.
However, if the seat thief feels a need to defend or claim the space the battle of both fitting into the same space commences. Silent arguments ensue and the spread begins. As both parties sit in the same place and slowley begin to stretch their limbs (and butts) to try and cover more footage than the other- with the aim of pushing the other one off. 
Watching these scenarios play out is quite good fun but if you are on the receeding end – good luck – as westitude is in full swing. Just give them the darn chair. You wont win!

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