Little Helpers

There are lots of difficult things in life but trying to wrap Christmas presents with not one or two but three West Highland Terriers is by far the hardest. I can only describe them as mini terrorists. I have lost cellotape, ribbon, scissors and even whole presents to them.

Everytime I move, they move into my space. I am vigilently checking and cutting the ‘eaten’ ends of the wrapping paper off – don’t think chew marks and sucked paper on presents is an expected look. I have become super protective of the cellotape, as I am on the millionth time if finding the end (again) as the little goblins have knicked it (again!)
 Then, there is the picking which paper you want to use. If they are not sitting on the rolled up paper you want , you can bet that they will sit on it when you have sized it and cut it – just before you place the gift in place (there’s only so many times you can cellotape over butt or paw paper rips.) 

Gift bags have to be an easier option right? Well it would of been- until Maggie decided to nibble on all the corners while I wasn’t looking. I may as well of left the wrapping to my man children or the husband- I mean it pretty much looks like their quality of all thumbs, last minute effort. Thus I will blame our scruff lookinh wrapping on them and hide – once I’ve retrieved the stole items from Maggie-  who has done a runner with them under the footstool.)
The horror (now, where is that wine!)

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