We are on the run up to Christmas break – life at home and work are bonkers so it’s the little things that bring sanity out of the madness. Walks with the dogs, fresh air and beautiful scenery and even a sneaky lunch date with Mr 3WD&P (well it is our anniversary.) 

I have proved once again that I am indeed the ‘bloke’ in our relationship – by forgetting again – hence the sneaky lunch date. The husband however,  was all prepared with ; cards, gifts, tables booked at a local restaurants, etc. Me – totally empty handed – oopps. Now, I could start reeling off all the reasons why I forgot blah blah blah but it’s as simple as – life. Life gets so busy sometimes you loose time. 
So I’ve cancelled the visitors and the meal, bought a take away and booked a movie on box office. Why because sometimes the simple things in life are what matters most. We are both tired (and a little skint)and we are both still feeling under the weather, so why force ourselves out, we don’t have to follow the norm.
The best thing though – our anniversary to each other – we’ve bought tickets to see Jumanji at the cinema on Thursday. We can’t wait! 

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