The Beast.

The Three White Dogs are starting to run out of toys. Willie has killed most of them and what little toys are left, are in desparate need of replacing. There are no squeakers left – these are Willies favourite. The fluffy Teddies are mangled, soggy and threadbare – abused beyond repair.

Maggie is a gentle soul, loving her toys, careful and considerate. Rosie doesn’t really know what the toys are for and will walk around the edge of the room to avoid them. Willie though is a beast – no Kong toy can survive him. He rips them in record time. Fluff and stuffing is strewn all over the floor, he throws them, teases them, rips their skin off – eyeballs and squeakers are bonuses – all the more to destroy.
We have saught the tough toys, the unbreakables, the indestructibles – they are not Willie Proof. Neither Is Willie biased he doesn’t care if it’s pink or Maggies – or even the cats. New or old it’s his toy and he can smell a new toys a mile away – mooching through the bags until he finds it.
But Santa is coming soon, the toys to be replenished and Willies murder spree will start with it – the mad look in his eye will return – the drool will soak once again onto the unsuspecting victims- the new toys…

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