Christmas Explosion.

The house looks like an explosion has took place, we can’t see the floors or benches. There is stuff everywhere. We are dangerously low on wrapping paper and the curling ribbon is lost amongst the mess. 

Willie is ‘helping’ – holding the paper down while daddy cellotapes it down – hoping for belly rubs in appreciation of his efforts. Whereas, Maggie is just having a hoot, eating, ripping and stealing the ribbon and paper – we have had to uncellotape Maggie several times. So far she’s managed to cellotape her paw, bottom and ear??? 
Rosie, well she is not keen and mooches around the edges of the ‘danger zone’. When she does brave the perimeter though she isn’t bothered in the slightest at sitting or walking on the wrapping, scissors, cellotape or presents. 
So fun, fun, fun as the wrapping commences…

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