Road Trip.

Road trip – huffing over the middle seat. The Three White Dogs love the car but they also love the middle seat and the view it provides. So they are quite happy to literally sit on top of one another, hoping they other will move. When that fails we move onto the ‘nodding dog’ too nosey to lie down and sleep when tired, they sit up and fall asleep.

The worst thing – if they fuss too much they tangle up their harnesses and restraints so non of them can move. Basically tying themselves in knots. That’s an intervention right there – a pull over and untangle job. Thankfully these little white dogs are not only clever but quick learners and sussed how not to get tangled up after only two incidents. So road trips are pleasant experiences.
Well normally they are – the three white dogs have has Christmas tit bits – it’s a bit too cold to drive with the windows open too! 

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