The After Eight Mint Challenge.

We’ve been quiet you are thinking… No we’ve just been spending time with family. You know how is is at Christmas, you spend so much time visiting and merry wishing you cant wait for a pjama day – usually for a few reasons; your clothes don’t fit – you’ve ate too much, you have had a three day drinking binge and your liver is begging for respite or your face hurts from smiling so much on the outside, as you visit all those relatives, whether you like them or not lol. Who would have it any other way though- isn’t that what Christmas is about; family, friends, love (well apart from the religious aspect.)

So we are guilty of all three sins. We are wearing our fat pants (and probably will now til after the new year.) We have had a few tibbles of the alcohol mostly gin and Mr 3WD&P sneaky whisky and we have (and still are) doing the visiting thing. Indeed our faces hurt from all the smiling and Christmas greeting. One of the biggest laughs though… the after eight challenge.
Now if you haven’t tried the after eight challenge- you must. It’s a hoot. Go to the shops now and purchase a box of after eight mints. The idea is to put one on your forehead and get it into your mouth using only your face (no hands.) I am boss at this, doing it first time each round. 
Have a camera ready though- some of the faces people pull are hilarious. Then theres the chocolate melting issues and let’s not forget the sore losers -you know who you are. Our sore loser moved onto opening a second box to prove he could do it – after blaming everybody eles that they were putting him off. He did manage it two boxes and a hour later haha. 
Another good thing about visiting at Christmas,  not just for us but for the three white dogs – food. You get fed and the dogs love visiting people. They were not impressed with our after eight challenge (they were not allowed the after eights) but they liked the turkey, presents and extra cuddles from the visitors so win win for them but I think Rosie will be pleased when everything settles down back to normal, being an older, timid rescue dog she has found it a little much at times- bless her cotton socks.

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