Snow Day.

We have snow – quite alot of it too. We awoke this morning to a white landscape and with being out in the wilds it was beautifully untouched. Woodland paths dusted with silvery snowflakes- not a footprint in sight. Birds nattering away in amongst the trees, branches snapping under feet. It is like looking into your own Narnia – you almost wish to see the lampost. It is beautiful. 

We all wrapped up warm (well us townies anyway) for our walk but Willie quickly shed his coat, favouring to roll in the snow instead. Our trio of dogs turned into an odd five, including cousins Harley (black lab) and Boo (springer). We followed paths and frolicked off road as the dog went back to their roots; pheasant chasing, horse greeting, road kill munching, foliage exploring, duck scaring and all out wildling.
It was almost as if they just knew they were back on ancestral land, over the border in Bonnie Scotland. No collars or leaders are needed here as we visit our relatives – it’s one of not just the dogs but our favourite places to be. Off the beaten track, away from the roller coaster of busy life. We could without a doubt live quite happily in this way.
The dogs, well they don’t care aslong as we are all together in our pack but they really like the warm fire – Willie especially – whose already burnt the end of his nose- getting too close. What better way is there to warm up after a stroll in the snow though- than infront of a real fire.

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