The Shame.

We still have snow here, it’s like a winter wonderland but that also means the roads are a tad slippy so we are kinda snowed in. Not that anyone is complaining. The Three White Dogs are more than happy with the warm log fires and adventures in the snow. Mr 3WD&P is enjoying not having to cook and clean (perks of visiting) and I’ve even managed to get abit of a book read.

We will have to go home soon though – life awaits. The Christmas decorations need to be put away and the man children need to get ready for school and college and we also need to collect Pig cat from his cat spa- where he is happily eating everything in sight and enjoying all the pampering (he loves the lady that looks after him and he always comes back twice the size he went.)
Willie has had so many treats and tit bits over the christmas period he literally cannot bend in the middle and is farting like trooper and if this is not horrifying enough… there’s nothing like having a respectable dinner at someone house while your dog not only poisons all the guests with the deadly gases he produces but also then continues to drag his arse along the carpet, like he’s trying to light a match. Oh the shame and embarrassment!

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