New Beginnings.

2018 is fast approaching as we see the end of the year sailing by, certainly I feel like I’ve just blinked and the past year has passed me. We have had good times, great times, sad times and hard times and all things good or bad pass eventually – life moves on and like a jenga game it’s rocky in parts, tricky to manover but also exciting and exhilarating.  

The milestones we experience each year are apart of making us – us. Indeed the new year is not so much about an ending but a beginning. An opportunity to look back at the year, to learn and take forward what is important to you and let go of the rest. 
There are no new years resolutions here, just to live each and everyday. To love and to let go of the darker things in life like fear and hate. To move forward. We will try and take whatever 2018 gives us In our stride and when things get  too much, well we have little reminders in the little white dogs – that if ever we fall, we are not alone but surrounded by friends and family  (2legs and four) that will help us back up.
We wish you all love and strenght in 2018 and what it may throw at you and remember – there is always someone, somewhere to help you back up – whether on two feet or four paws. 
Love from us all.
The Three White Dogs and a Pig.

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