No Will Power.

We have eaten and drunk way to much while visiting family (my first weigh in at fat club in 2018 is going be awesome – oops) but we have been walking an awful lot, so much so the little white dogs are pooped – not that I think this will make a difference when I get weighed. Actually I’m pretty sure me and Mr 3WD&P resemble tweddle dum and tweddle dee from the latest Alice in Wonderland films – I’m pretty sure we are waddling too…

I know when we do go home too the cupboards and fridge are bare. Well actually that’s a lie – they are full – to the brim – with chocolates and sweets. Sadly that is not going to help my first weigh in at fat club or probably any in the whole of January either. I could of course bluff this post by bragging about my amazing will power and how I will not eat the masses of overflowing chocolate stash – sadly that too would be a fib- I have no will power what so ever when it comes to chocolate.
So that leaves me no choice but to force feed all and any visitors to the house the offending items, to get rid of them. Well apart from the Ferro Roche (because they are my favourite) these I will eat sensibly – one a day ( lie, I will open the whole box when I get home.) 
Sod it… I’m eating it all. I will just have to pay the lady to tell me I’m fat until they are gone – just in time for Easter…

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