Angel Of The North.

The Three White Dogs have been out and about today to the Angel of the North. I must say the girls were vastly unimpressed and didn’t get what all the fuss was about – Willie though – it was love on first sight. 

I mean the possibilities were endless – it was like a gigantic lamp post had appeared out of nowhere – just for him and Willie could not wait to partake in the challenge. He was like an excited kid going to Disneyland, the closer he got, the more he vibrated with excitement. Nothing would ever compare to this for Willie – even the sub zero temperatures didn’t bother him. 
The girls though – they hid around ‘mad grandad’ legs – trying to hide from the icy winds and t was so cold mad grandad refused to pose for more than one or two photographs and hightailed back to the warmth of the car to admire the sculpture (and he had five layers on.) 
The girls were not far behind grandad too, further disgruntled that it was not only raining and freezing cold but wet and muddy too. They certainly did not share mummy and daddy enthusiastim for visiting this famous local landmark. 
Willie though – the little trouble maker he is – we couldn’t get back to the car. Not only was he having an amazing macho moment and thoroughly enjoying leaving his scent around every millimetre of the Angel, he had also spotted the mud… 
Not just the mud though – the man made mud slides too – the little shit. Would he recall back – no – by the time we got him cleaned up enough so my husband would allow him in the car, we were so cold we were blue. Willie – well he was a lovely pale shade of orange – it was clay soil. 
So guess who’s had to have a bath tonight!

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