Beach Bluster.

Nothing like a blustery stroll along the beach to blow off the cobwebs – which is certainly what the three white dogs did. The first thing master Willie did mind was to roll in the sand – bearing in mind he had to have a bath last night – sod.

Then there was Maggie the ball thief, who never wants her own ball, prefer other people’s. This of course means we spend most of our time either shouting greeting of ‘she a ball thief’ at fellow walkers or profusely apologising while trying to get the stolen item back to its owner.
Rosie, the darling she is – just potters along happily doing her own thing. I mean she probably has no idea where she is or who she is but she’s happy and that’s all that matters- she doesn’t know she’s poorly.
So the walk was enjoyed by all – another good thing about having a dog – it gets you out and about.

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