Now a drift in the wake of this glorious slaughter.

He’d seen many a soul cleansed in filthy water.

Seen godless men reach for the Bible.
As lead tore the flesh from both friend and rival.

Soon home to the joy and celebration of Kin.
Drunken slaps on the back at a favourite inn.

But heavy in his pocket lies a small piece of card.
And the note written on it will break a mother’s heart.

We visited ‘Tommy’ today at seahsm seafront. He was a sight to be seen. The structure was beautiful – the detail was exceptional. The words sad but ringing a truth. I am glad we went to see it. It was worth the cold sting of the wind on our faces and the lashing rain soaking our clothes – even the three white dogs were quietly respectful – on their Sunday best.
It is a nice reminder in the new year that to have new beginnings you need a past – however difficult or painful it is – it passes. The past creates a future, one we must learn from. 
To all who have or are fighting in private battles or in horrific wars – the future is yours.

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