Billy Goats Gruff.

We are beginning to think it is not actually west highland terriers we own but a rare breed of mountain goat. Out exploring new beaches this winter break we came across beaches that were not our usually soft sandy delight but a terrain of pebbles with accompanying rocky boulders. This did not phase any of the wee white dogs (even little olde Rosie) and threw themselves into the challenge – not that it was much of a challenge for them.

They tunneled under, climbed over and scrambled through – each trying to get further than the other. While this was going on Mr 3WD&P and I were having mini heart failures, imagining broken limbs and humongous vet bills. Thankfully – they were very apt and skilled amongst the assault course – as you can see and very pleased with themselves.
Actually they were practically gloating and beaming with pride at their ability to scare the living daylights out of their people. Willie even pulled a pride rock stance – posing like the lion king – showing off (just because he could and climbed the highest.) However, Willie totally sucked at walking on the pebbles, imitating an almost perfect John Wayne strutt giving the impression of being constipated – not that he cared.
So if you are  worried that your dogs may be bored with their normal beach walk – just find one with rocks instead of dunes – it will bring the Billygoat out in them.

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