You can guarantee where there is adventure in this house there is also three white dogs, sticking their nosey beaks in. So while I contemplated and pondered my new book (which arrived today) they were millimetres behind Mr 3WD&P seeing what all the fuss was about.

You see our cooker decided that Christmas day would be the perfect day to breakdown – while in the middle of cooking the roast potatoes of course – leaving us roast potatoless. As such we have acquired a new cooker (from a very lovely person). This of course means as we acquired it today – it must be fitted today because Mr 3WD&P is an engineer and therefore must find out how everything works and goes together immediately (there goes my cleaning day out the window.)
As with an acquired appliances – Mr 3WD&P was not disappointed to find it came with a few problem solving issues that needed fixing. The hole was too big – meaning power tools must be brought in to the equation. I moved myself to the living room at this point, leaving him to it with Rosie and Maggie in attendance – watching his everymove (and being underfoot at every opportunity.) 
Willie did pop his head round to see what all the fuss was about for two or three minutes but he had found something much more interesting to inspect. Pig had returned home from his spa break, fluffy, fat and happy – Willie, who loves pig so much – had decided he just had to stare adoreingly at him from the boundary line – to convey this love to him. Sadly Willie just looked demented and I’m pretty sure Pig thought the look Willie was giving him was not the look of ‘love’ but rather that he wanted to eat him.
So I’m going to sit here and read my book and let them all get on with it. I will of course intervene when hunger sets in or frustration gets the better of people – the takeaway is already ordered because lets face it these little projects always end up in some a little drama. Hopefully it won’t be one where we misplace a white dog behind the cooker unit…

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