We Love You Rosie.

Rosie is having an off day today and in the grand scheme of things that’s fine. When Rosie first came to us she had more off days than good days with her Cushing disease not being under control and a further diagnosis of not only westie lung disease but an enlarged heart too, makes for a complicated mix but we knew that when we adopted her. 

Thankfully since that first day she came to us, we see more good days than off days. Her medication is under control and although her liver functions could be better at nearly thirteen years old she is doing beautifully. She may not be young but she is certainly sprightly – keeping up with Maggie and Willie with ease and as her eye sight and hearing begins to fail her she continues to love life. 
Maggie often checks up on her when we are out walking and if she struggles to catch her breath she sits quietly with her, waiting for her to right herself. Willie watches too but in his own way – from afar – making sure she is safe.
We may not of been there for her in her younger days or even been her original family all those years ago but we are her family now and we can make what time she has left with us (whether it be month or years) happy. Rosie has found her place – her pack – her family.  She is tired today, being up most of last night. So rest up baby, shake it off, ready for another day. We are here for you because we LOVE you.

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