That Sinking Feeling.

There is nothing like that sinking feeling – not only literally but physically.

The sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because it is back to work and reality tomorrow.  
Then there is the dread that over comes you as you realise –  not only is it the first day back at work but also your first weigh in at fat club too. Which probably wouldn’t of been too bad if I hadn’t actually ate my weight in chocolate and had had the will power to say no.  I have come to the conclusion though that I am my own worst enemy. Self sabotaging my weight loss subconsciously – indeed over Christmas I have been ‘sensible and actually not gained much weight. 
However, the past four days my brain has managed to convience me that it is indeed my last chance to eat the Hagen das Ice cream hiding in the freezer and the gigantic box of peanut m&m and also the tub of pringles that was deftly stashed at the back of the cupboard – my will power has abandoned me – thus I have ate them all and probably gone up a knicker size in the process.
But then there is that physical sinking feeling – Willie is the proud own of this and I do wish I had been quick enough to get my camera out and capture it – because it was hilarious. You see whereas the girls Maggie and Rosie do not  give two hoots about getting muddy and wet out on walks (actually the muddier they are – the happier they are) Willie does care. He will go out of his way to walk around the muddy part of a path. So today when out walking, he though he was being so clever expertly manovering over the frozen path – avoiding the muddied parts. Well until he misplaced a paw – and sunk…
Yes he sunk – belly deep – Willie sunk up to his Willie – his paws stuck fast as the thick mud hugged them in. He did eventually get out – by himself – as we were too busy laughing. I don’t know if he was more traumatised because he was muddy and stuck or whether it was because of the squelching noises his paws made as he quickly evacuated the offending area.
The best thing about being muddy though – is the fun of getting rubbed down at the end with the towel…

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