The Dogs Always Just Know.

I only managed my first day back at work this week – on day two I came down with germs. I am trying very hard to get back to work as quick as I can because I feel a bit guilty – you do though don’t you. You start to worry about your work record and the time you have had off sick or what your work colleagues think. Or at least I do but then I over think everything. 

The Three White Dogs and a Pig know though, they haven’t left my side. Even as my son’s and my husband has slowley joined the party – also taken to bed ill – the dogs have just sensed it. Choosing to sleep on the bed close to me – even around my head – where the most discomfort is (migraines) but seemingly knowing that lying on my chest as I cough and sputter wouldnt help. 

Indeed they have forfeited walks due the illness in the house without complaint and today the first time I endured sitting up out of bed) Maggie again followed and sat at my rest side- being a perfect nurse maid. Whoever suggests dogs are not sentient beings have never owned a dog – the dogs are sometimes show more humanity than humans.

My head hurts, my eyes hurt – just typing on this screen is making me feel sick but the dogs have never left my side – they just know.


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