Normal Business Will Resume Shortly.

Dear Peoples, 

Normal business will resume asap – please bear with us while we try to get our people to ‘man up’ and recover as we wait for thier quarentee to end. You see they are all infected; man children, mummy and daddy. 
We of course are being perfect nurse maids – watching their every move, providing hot water bottle and turn down services. We have even forfeited walks without complaint as the humans suffer …
You see we LOVE our humans (Even though they are very annoying at times) and want them to get better as quick as possible as all our best adventures happen when we are together. 
And let’s face it we are not going to complain too much as we do like our bed – which is where they have been all week. 
Captain Willie and his crew.
Ps Maggie made me put a picture up of da cat but I didn’t want to – I don’t trust him you sees (his eyes are too close together if u ask me…)

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