A Bit Of A Limp.

We had to brave the outside this afternoon to replenish the dog food so a wander to pets at home it was – dogs in tow. The first obstacle we hit as we turned the corner was Mr Golden Retriever guy from yesterday (were I was informed by Mr 3WD&P was actually a blonde alstation- oops) and woe be-tide with my husband by my side I didn’t even get eye contact off him, let alone verbal abuse – so not an obstacle really.

Going to pets at home also of course was a great excuse to stop for a Costa coffee too and I wasn’t complaining about sitting outside to drink it as I had a temperature that was through the roof. Rosie though can get a little cold sitting still outside – especially when sitting on the floor. Rosie, however, never complains as daddy scoops her up into his jacket to snuggle on his knee while he drinks his coffee. Whereas I get Maggie and Willie, who would much rather people watch at pavement level just incase a cuddle or any attention is to be had from passer bys.
And indeed there was – not only did they get lots of cuddles but we got lots of compliments about how well behaved and lovely the three white dogs were (proud parent moments.) Pets at home did not disappoint either as we bumped into Maggie’s favourite person in the form of Ross our dog walker and she almost turned herself inside out to love him – while Willie played as cool as a cucumber and Rosie looked on bewildered. We even managed to pick up a bargain in the sale – a life jacket for Rosie (Maggie already has one) as the girls can not swim for chips  (little paws you see.)
Willie loves swimming and he doesn’t need any life jackets. Willie does seem to be sporting a limp today though – maybe over excitement at his first walk yesterday? Luckly we have some metacam in the fridge and he will be confined to walks on leads for the next few days but he is obviously very uncomfortable – bless him. So as he rests up and Rosie snores her head off, Maggie begins to play – she never gets tired…

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