An Unpleasant Experience.

I ventured out yesterday for my first walk with the dogs, we did our usually walk (off lead for most part) along the back lane. This particular  walk would usually take us around twenty five/ thirty minutes but on this occasion took us fourth minutes – due to my slow tonder – still feeling ever so fragile.

The dogs let loose, running around like ejjits and blowing off all the pent up energy and steam. In and out the bushes and barrowling through the muddy puddles, it’s was eerily quiet but beautiful and the same time. We did come across some other dogs walkers on the way back. One familiar walker with two dogs – one elderly one, which is not so friendly but as always he popped the leader on and we all said hi and went on our way. 
Further along the path the met with a ragtag group of dogs with their owners and again we shouted our hellos and carried on our way – Willie though embarressed himself my deciding he was going to have ‘little man syndrome’ and gruff at the biggest dog. Now I know my dogs well (as we all do) so I knew the best way to defuse the moment was to carry on our way shouting the command ‘this way ‘ and indeed thirty seconds later I had Willie in tow, while shouting and waving apologies to the other dog walkers – who took it in good form – Willie wasn’t being aggressive just gobby -as he does sometimes – you can’t take the street dog away from a once stray.
Anyway to just remind Willie of his manners I popped him back on his lead. The girls were still off lead – they never go far and their commands are secure. We were very near home – less than five minutes away. Infront of us was a dog walker (a man) with a golden retriever coming in our direction – until he saw us then he change direction to go the other way… okay maybe not a good sign but his dog is on lead and mine were under control. I slowed our pace further to give him space.
He stopped a little while later though at the cross path – him going one way – us the other so we carried on walking. As we got closer (him still standing at the cross roads- wierd) Rosie decided to go and say Hi. As she approached the dog the dog growled, bared it’s teeth and gave warning. Rosie backed away and returned to my side. Now in my opinion this was a good interaction – a dog interaction.  The dog had clearly told Rosie ‘No’ and Rosie had understood. No drama – we carried on away from the man, past the cross road.
Wrong – the torrent of abuse I got from this person was horrific – demanding that I restrain my dogs on leaders. On trying to explain that I didn’t need to put my dogs on their leaders as they had been reprimanded and his dog was already on a lead – so there was no danger – I was hit with more abuse. I was a stupid b****h – he was going to let his dog off its lead – to eat my dogs for lunch and attack me because I was a stupid fucking cow and on and on it went…
I did not engage, I did not put my dogs on lead  I was nearly home. I don’t think I was wrong. I know my dogs and I trusted my dogs not to bother his dog. There was no need for that kind of behaviour. I had never seen him before on our walks but I am pretty sure if it had been my husband walking the dogs he wouldn’t of spoke to him like that…

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